About Messy Nessie Child Care

Messy Nessie Child Care started in Inverness in 2016…

Hi There…

My name is Claire Byard and I have 4 children ranging from early twenties to late thirties and 2 grandchildren.  I am a former UHI Lecturer with a Teaching Qualification in Further Education as well as being a Registered Childminder many years ago.  I have also worked with Highland Council as an Assistant Policy Officer in Equalities.

I decided to open Messy Nessie Child Care to offer a Mindful Childminding Service… something that isn’t available presently in the Highland area.

I have been facilitating Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Courses (MBSR)  for nearly a decade in the public and private sector and live every day in a Mindful way, including how I look after children by putting them at the centre of care.  Play, emotional regulation and socialisation processes are at the core of what I offer using compassion, kindness and acceptance.  It’s important that children are aware that it’s okay to feel emotions and have feelings that can be very overwhelming for a child to have in any moment.  At Messy Nessie Child Care, I hold a safe space of kindness and acceptance that children can be held with their emotions without any kind of shame.

Care Inspectorate Registration Number:

1st Care Inspection visit on 28th April 2017
Document-Inspection Documents – Inspection Report (16-17) – 2974078


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