Aims, Objectives and Values

Mindful Child Minding is about placing children at the centre of care.  It’s also placing socialisation and emotional regulation as the premise of that care; this allows children to be held in a place of safety, being nurtured with boundaries.  It involves changing the narrative – language can often change a child’s visceral reaction to a considered response – for example when we use the word “No” we can get a visceral reaction; when it’s changed to “I won’t let you do that” it often elicits a completely different response from a child. Please, please don’t take my word for it… try it and see!

Please see the links below for books and a webpage that show how I work as a Mindful Child Minder…


Books – Amazon:
No Bad Kids
Elevating Child Care
Everyday Blessings
Lucy’s Blue Day

Janet Lansbury