Messy Nessie Child Care will be available Monday to Saturday from 8.00am until 8.00pm, however, if you require extended hours please don’t hesitate to ask.  (Please note that hours required before 8.00am and after 6.00pm will be charged at an out of hours rate).

A drink suitable to the child/ren’s age will be given to your child during their placement at 10.00/10.30am and 3.00/4.00pm.

If you could bring along:
Lunch/Snacks appropriate to age of child
Change of Clothes/A small bag to keep them in
Sun Cream/Hat
Suitable Footwear for Outdoor Play
Jacket (appropriate for seasonal weather) Hats, Gloves and Scarf in Winter
Baby Formula/Bottles
Comfort Blanket
Medication if required (with your child’s name on it and instructions for use)

Please be aware that your child may get messy in indoor and outdoor play through various activities; polo shirts and t-shirts are available to purchase – please ask for details.